Grass-fed Beef — Dallas, TX

Pick your size, choose your cuts, and we'll do the rest!

Why JBar Cattle?

We're a grass-fed beef supplier in Dallas, TX where our family-owned farm strives to provide the best quality beef while giving you the freedom to choose how you receive your meat. 


From start to finish - and for each section beef - you choose the cut: steaks to roasts to ground meat! Choose the thickness, the weight, and special instructions to the butcher, JBar Cattle makes buying your meat easy, flexible, and convenient.

Grass-fed Beef: Happy, Healthy

As a long-time family-owned beef supplier for the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, we have always known the importance of raising happy and healthy grass-fed cows. Here at JBar Cattle, our herd grazes on grass in our  north-east Texas pastures, and not on hormones and steroids.

We believe that nature knows best, which is why from start to finish, you will be getting all the benefits that having an all-natural, grass-fed diet can bring!

One of our highest standards in raising cattle is the ethical treatment of our beef-producing herd. We allow our cows to slowly mature on our rolling pastures healthily and humanely. This results in quality you can taste!

Shopping with JBar Cattle is easy!

1: Browse

Browse our selections to find exactly the meat you're looking for.

2: Choose Cuts

Section-by-section, choose the cut, thickness, weight, and more.

3: Checkout!

It's all packaged to your specs & makes its way to your table.


It's time to get started on making your beef selections! Our menu full of fresh, quality, grass-fed beef and - as always - it's all cut to order!

Making selections for your cut list are easy and customizable. And if you have any special requests for the butcher, there is a dedicated area at the bottom of your list for comments!