What is Grass-fed Beef?

The history of domesticating animals for food has led to a variety of feeding methods and philosophies. Methods such as raising corn-fed, grain-fed, and grass-fed beef have been practiced for ages. While modern methods such as a diet full of steroids have increased meat production, many people prefer the cuts that come from grass-fed cattle.
Grass-fed beef is exactly as it sounds: cows that have a diet that is predominately grass as opposed to other foods; And this is the philosophy the JBar Cattle family chooses when raising their cows.


Grass-fed Beef: Benefits

Foods that we humans consider to be healthy - like grains and corn - sound like they would be good for raising beef cattle, but that can be misleading when compared to grass as a food source. Corn and grains are not a cow's natural food source. Cows graze naturally on grass. According to usdairy, grass accounts for more than 50% of a cow's diet. There are benefits to a grass diet. Grass-fed beef produces leaner meat and at the same time has better fats and vitamins than others.


East-Texas Grass Pastures 

Like any other animal, exercise is good for cows. Growing up in confined cattle farms don't allow mass-produce beef cows the freedom to move around as they please and get beneficial exercise.

JBar Cattle allows our cows to roam our rolling pastures - located in north-east Texas - to their heart's desire, feeding on the natural grass, and live mature and stress-free lives.

Great Cuts
From Farm to Table

We believe in the meat we produce and we want you to taste the quality. At JBar Cattle, we will cut your meat the way you want it! You choose your cuts (from steaks to roasts, ribs to soup bones), you choose how many, weight per package, and more!

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